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Searing Star

Searing StarGenre: Science-Fiction 🇺🇸

Pages: 464
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN:  978-1479253487

Delve into the harsh world of 2150 and experience the adventure of a group of four unlikely heroes and their battle against one of humanity’s oldest enemies…

Collision Domain

CaptureGenre: Thriller 🇺🇸

Pages: 288
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1500966836

Collision Domain is a thrill-packed wake-up call to us denizens of the Internet. Includes a technical appendix detailing every cyber-attack.


v3Genre: Krimi & Abenteuer 🇩🇪

Seiten: 330
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1515172475

Verity ist die Geschichte einer ungewöhnlichen jungen Frau, die die Signale unserer tagtäglichen Kommunikation wahrnehmen kann. // Verity is the story about a young woman with the ability to see the signals of our everyday communication.